Empty Nesters

Rightsize Your Home for Comfort and Affordability

Empty nesters are people whose children have grown and moved out of the house. Often, there’s no longer a need (or desire) to maintain a large familial home. This is the perfect time to scale-down – or rightsize – your living situation. By finding a home that is more in-tuned with your current lifestyle, you can live the life you’ve earned. You’ve spent a lifetime caring for your family, now it’s your turn to do what’s right for you. Perhaps that means you’d like to spend less time maintaining your home and yard. Fortunately, now your options are better than ever. Your choices include a smaller home, an active adult community or a condo.

Obviously, smaller homes mean less maintenance and lower costs. Active adult communities on the other hand, ensure your neighbors are in the same age bracket and have similar interests. Condominiums may mean little-to-no yard maintenance and close proximity to activities and other favorable amenities. Ideally, your “rightsized” home will accommodate your changing needs. Remember to take into consideration your future needs as well. Will you need care? Will the stairs in your home become a challenge? Things like that should be considered when changing your living situation.

Another consideration is remaining in, or moving out of, your current neighborhood. Many empty nesters have lived in the same home and/or neighborhood for over 25 years. They’re comfortable there – familiar with the neighbors and the area. You have to decide which is best for you. Do you want a change? Is the type of housing available in your current location? Only you know the answers to these questions. But to help you make the most informed decisions, we’ve provided the different options you have available with the inherent advantages and disadvantages of each.

Convenient Condominiums

Condos generally offer low maintenance and abundant amenities, which make them popular with seniors. There are condos available in virtually every price range – from minimal accommodations to luxurious. With amenities such as pools, tennis courts, fitness facilities and even golf courses, condos are a great choice for those wanting to stay active yet live independently. However, there are things to consider before buying a condo. Condo owners are governed by bylaws, rules and regulations established by the condo board. These rules were put in place to ensure the safety and cleanliness for all occupants. So before buying a condo, check their rules and regulations to make sure you can abide by them before making your purchase.

Smaller, Cozy Homes

Scaling down from a large family home to a smaller home can mean getting the best of both worlds – you still have a single-family home but without all the maintenance you had before. Many empty nesters are selling their large homes and buying smaller ones with the proceeds. Doing so means they have less upkeep, no mortgage and a home they can manage.

Enjoyable Active Adult Communities

The active adult or retirement community option allows you to live among others in the same situation and with similar interests. They typically offer amenities that include fitness facilities, tennis courts, game rooms, pools and sometimes golf courses. Often located close enough to the city for convenience, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle that they still have a quiet place to live. If having neighbors within your age group and are interested in the same or similar activities, this would be a good choice when rightsizing your home.

Regardless of which option you choose, we can help you find the ideal place for you and your situation in the New Albany/Columbus area. Contact us or give us a call and we’ll start looking.

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