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PRESS RELEASE January 28, 2008

New Albany's First Eco-Friendly "Green" Georgian Home

(NEW ALBANY, OHIO) New Albany has welcomed its first “Green” home currently under construction by local builder, Richmark Properties, and listed for sale with M. Kate & Tony Thomas of New Albany Realty. When it came to choosing an energy choice for his latest spec home in the prestigious New Albany Country Club community of Waterston, builder Rich Robinowitz looked no further than the ground beneath his feet. Geothermal energy offers a free, clean, renewable energy source for heating and cooling. “It’s now possible to enjoy the luxury and style of a Georgian residence and eco-friendly, environmentally-sensitive construction,” comments Rich Robinowitz, owner of Richmark Properties.
A geothermal heating and cooling system works on a simple premise: About 6 to 10 feet underground below the frost line, the temperature in Ohio remains at an average of about 50 degrees year-round. A geothermal system uses that constant temperature to heat and cool the home. Heat is absorbed or discharged through a series of looped pipes buried in the ground nearby. Heat is taken from the ground and transferred through a heat pump to the air to the home during the winter and heat is transferred back into the ground during summer to cool the home.
Proven to be as much as four times as efficient as conventional systems, geothermal systems are also very comfortable, maintaining an even temperature and humidity level throughout the home. “Of course buyers are excited about the opportunity to save 30 – 60% of their heating/cooling bill,” says Tony Thomas, the listing REALTOR, “but it’s also very appealing to reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to live in an earth-friendly home.” As prices for natural gas and petroleum become more volatile, the use of geothermal energy is expected to continue to increase.
Robinowitz is also taking insulation a step further by using a blown in cellulose insulation product that is eco-friendly and energy efficient. Blown-in cellulose is 2-3 times denser than fiberglass insulation and has proven to require 26% less energy. For details and specifications visit or contact M. Kate & Tony Thomas with New Albany Realty, at 614-939-1234 or .

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