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Come On Columbus, Show Us Some Spring!

For those of you affected by the long, gray days of January, February and March, you will be able to relate to my need to see flowering blooms at this time of year.   To that end, last year I planned a trip to Washington, DC to see the famous “Cherry Blossom Festival”.  I knew seeing masses of blooming cherry trees would lift my spirits enough to carry me through until late April and early May when Columbus starts to come alive.  Alas, it was not to be … gale like winds blew through DC the day before we arrived and the only blossoms we saw were strewn on the ground beneath the cherry trees....(read more)

Something to Ponder

A friend sent me an email with something she called “Ponderisms” – it’s one of those forwards that circulate endlessly around the internet.  I decided to google the term “ponderism” and found many blogs and websites devoted to classic questions and quotes that when you really ponder over them, makes you wonder… and for sure, gives you food for thought.  Here are a few that I liked....(read more)


Dispelling Pricing Myths

Tony and I still see many sellers who are “in denial” with regards to the value of their home.  Today’s reality is that home prices are close to what we saw over 10 years ago in the Greater Columbus area.  We’ve the things we hear the most frequently and hope to dispel these myths.  The best opportunity for selling your home is in the first 6 weeks.  Research shows that the longer a home is on the market, the less the seller is likely to net.  Good news seems hard to find but if you look around, there’s actually plenty of it out there....(read more)

Kate's Favorite Recipes

For years, I included one of my favorite recipes in each Newsletter.  I wasn’t sure if anyone ever tried them so I was surprised when several clients mentioned that they “miss” them and proceeded to show me many that they have clipped from this Newsletter over the years.  So it’s back…Bon Appetit!  I haven’t made a carrot cake in forever and decided in honor of Spring, Easter and Andrea, our assistant’s Birthday, that I would make an old favorite....(read more)




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