November 2008 e-Newsletter

What a Difference a Month Makes
  If there is one thing you can count on in life, it’s change.   Change is everywhere – especially in the financial world and the real estate market.   I’ve read that the most successful companies not only adapt to change, but make it work for them.   Tony and I have worked hard to do just that…Read More
Little Things Can Mean A Lot
I don’t know about your family, but the upheaval of the financial markets has caused Tony and me to step back and take stock of what’s really important.   It’s amazing how many things you “need” are not as necessary as we once thought.   I ran across an article that provided a list of little things that can make you feel good whether you do them for yourself or for another...Read More
Get the Most Bang For Your Remodeling Bucks
Thinking about making a change to your home? Many would be sellers are putting plans to sell on hold and updating their home instead.   Be sure your remodeling dollars are well spent. You certainly should focus on making your home a place you (rather than some future buyer) will enjoy living in. Still, it makes sense to remodel with an eye to maximizing the return ... Read More
Oct '08 YTD New Albany Real Estate Market Update
Despite what the pundits would have you believe, homes are selling!!! Year to date in New Albany, unit sales are only slightly off of 2007. October was the first month this year where unit sales of single family homes in the Plain Local School system fell significantly below 2007 figures ... Read More

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