April 2009 e-Newsletter

March Madness Gives Way to April Gladness!

While most of the Columbus gets caught up in March Madness and basketball brackets, this time of year means something different to me. The arrival of March Madness signifies the true beginning of signs of Spring… Read More 

Laughter is an Instant Vacation!

We didn’t go away for spring break but I read a short book called “Laughter is an Instant Vacation” edited by the people at Simple Truths. As I read through it, I found myself laughing first to myself and then out loud. Laughter is good for the soul, probably better than chicken soup. Here are a few of the quotes that made me smile:
“So far on my 30-day diet, I lost 18 days.” - Terry McEntire  ... Read More

Adopt a Pet

As many of you know, Maggie, our beloved 12 year old beagle, died last summer. I was pretty certain that one dog in a lifetime was enough. Tony, on the other hand, was ready for another. After 6 months, we decided that another dog was a good idea. A dog is unconcerned about your age or looks – they accept you as you are. So our next decision was how to select another dog. Several people suggested we “adopt” and after a little research, it definitely seemed like the thing to do. .... Read More   

2009 1st Quarter New Albany Market Update

Home Sales in New Albany are off last year by over 50%. Not great news for Sellers but certainly good news for Buyers. Based on the number of in contracts and the increase in showing activity we’ve seen in the past 3 weeks, there’s reason to think we are going to see the unit sales numbers improve in the next quarter.... Read More 

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