April 2008 e-Newsletter

The Power of One Degree

One of our service providers gave Tony and me a great little book as a holiday gift titled: 212°...The Extra Degree. The book was written by Sam Parker and Mac Anderson and I just took the time to read and thought the concept was great…applicable to any part of our lives.  Read more

Your Home Is In A Beauty Contest!

When it’s time to sell your home, proper pricing is critical. The days of “we can lower our price later if it doesn’t sell” are not a good option nor is it an effective strategy for selling your home quickly. In order to attract an offer, a home not only needs to be perceived as one of the best values on the market, but also one of the “prettiest” (hence the beauty contest analogy). 

Color Trends

Color trends for the home are always changing…that’s how decorators along with fabric and wallpaper companies stay in business! The Color Marketing Group, an international association of color design professionals, which reports on color trends every year recently released the trends they see being important in 2008. They recommend that you liven up your home using bold, vivid colors mixed with some earthy, natural tones. Paint, furnishings, and Read more

New Albany Market Update Report

View our Market Update for some good news about the 1st Quarter 2008 New Albany Homes sales!

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