Kate and Tony Thomas' July 2007 E-Newsletter

Dear Friends,

School’s out for summer! Summer is so fleeting that we have decided to do everything we can to make the most of it! We kicked off June with a big graduation bash at our home in honor of Will’s graduation from high school! The theme of the party is “Willy’s Favorites” so it was a pretty eclectic menu ranging from Chipotle to Sushi, BW3’s wings to Hoggy’s mac & cheese. We topped it off with frosted cookies from Cheryl’s! He’s such a funny kid...he also requested his favorite classic rock music from the 80’s...I suspected the adults will enjoyed the band more than the kids will! Hopefully the neighbors liked 80’s music too!

We also decideded to take a real family vacation where we all went to the same place at the same time! It’s a first in a while. The second week of June we were on a boat in the British Virgin Islands...basically it was a bribe so that our kids would want to spend time with us! We figured if we went somewhere cool, our grown kids were happy to tag along.

The million dollar question that Katherine keeps getting is “now that you are done with college, what are you going to do?” Her answer is pretty unclear. For the summer, she has decided to put her Latin American major and her Theatre major both to use...she’s going to intern with a theatre company in Brazil of all places. She doesn’t speak Portuguese but doesn’t see that as a show stopper. Her Spanish will have to do. I know this is somewhat of a stall tactic for what she is going to do later that will actually pay her bills. But I never did anything except go straight to work when I finished college, and in retrospect I wish I’d done something adventurous before beginning my 9—5 life. Though I doubt that Katherine is ever likely to have a career that regulated. Time will tell.

By the middle of June, it was Tony’s turn to be the star. He deserved it. He’s a wonderful Dad and an amazing husband. I’m very lucky and I hope our kids know how lucky they are too! Even if you tell your husband/dad all the time that you love them...tell them again. Nobody minds hearing that they are appreciated! In the meantime, don’t let summer get away from you!


Kate & Tony

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