An informed New Albany home buyer is a smart home buyer! That's why we've provided samples of the real estate documents you'll see when you buy a home.

See any unfamiliar terms or still have some questions? Just give us a call and we'll be more than happy to walk you through the process!

Sample Home-Buying Documents

Property Disclosure Form

When you first see a home, you'll be given this form detailing the condition of the property. It's got a lot of vital information, like known problems or issues with the home, as well as basic water and sewer information.

Real Estate Purchase Contract

This is the most important document of the whole process! This is where you make an offer and state your terms, like your purchase price, closing dates, and any contingencies. The seller may accept and sign the agreement, or return it with modifications—a counter offer.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Form

Similar to the first document but specific to lead-based paint, this form simply notes whether the seller has any knowledge of potentially harmful paints.

Dual Agency Disclosure

The State of Ohio allows an agent to be a sellers agent and a buyers agent for the same property, meaning the same agent can be representing both the buyer and the seller. To avoid conflicts of interest, this document is signed, detailing the responsibilities of the agent on the buyer's side.

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