Building a New Home

Building a home in New Albany can be a very rewarding experience. You know how it was built and you’re the first to live there. You get to pick out many of the features you want as well as a floor plan. But if you are not prepared, it can be agonizing. We’re sure you have heard horror stories from friends or co-workers as they went through the building process.

We want to make your home building experience a positive one. When you have Buyer Representation throughout the new build process, you will have representation when problems creep up. We can almost guarantee that you will have questions and concerns throughout the process. Our job as your Realtor, is to help your through the “turbulence” you may encounter and deliver you to your final destination (your new home) with a minimal amount of disturbance.

Realtors, for the most part, do a good job working with their clients in the beginning. They help you find a builder, choose a lot, and write a contract to build a home either with a sales person for the builder or, in the case of a custom home, with the builder directly. In many cases, there is very little personal contact with you after this point. You may get a phone call or two during the construction process, but that is about it. We see an enormous gap in this process and have developed a Realtor Follow-Up Program for New Construction.

You can expect the following during the build process when you work with Kate & Tony Thomas and their professional Buyer Agents:
  1. Help you select a builder, house plan and home site.
  2. Negotiate your contract with the builder.
  3. Assist you with financing options.
  4. Represent your interests with the builder throughout the entire building process, including any conflict resolution.
  5. Facilitate any communication with the builder on issues that arise during the building process.
  6. Help you with your selection of options, materials and colors (from a resale point of view).
  7. Attend the pre-construction meeting and review with the building supervisor every option you have selected for your new home.
  8. Meet with you at the site at any point during construction to answer questions or address any concerns you have regarding your home’s progress.
  9. Meet with you at your home for a Punch List walk through. This is generally done 10 – 21 days prior to completion of your home to make a list of items that you want the builder to correct for you before closing.
  10. Attend the pre-settlement walk through with you and the building supervisor. This is when the supervisor will explain to you the operation and maintenance of the systems and appliances in your home. We will also be checking to make sure all of the items on the punch list have been completed.
  11. Attend your closing with you.
  12. Remain in touch with our exclusive follow-up program.

A Few Facts About Building A New Home

Did you know…

  • We provide full buyer’s representation for you at no cost to you.
  • Our commission is paid by the builder!
  • Builders will not reduce the price of your home by the amount of the brokerage fee if you choose not to use a Realtor.
  • You also forfeit your own Representation!
  • When you visit a model home, the sales person always represents the Builder’s best interest.
  • We always represent YOUR best interest!

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation. If you are considering building a new home, get the very best in new-build representation. We help you from the ground up!

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