August 09 E-Newsletter

A Vacation for the Mind!

I received a wonderful gift from my husband – time to visit my family in Houston and equally important, a vacation for my mind! When was the last time you truly gave yourself a few days without work, stress or worry about the future? It had been quite a while since I disconnected from my laptop, cell phone, email. After a couple of days of withdrawal, I started to truly relax and was able to accept that the world could take care of itself without me.

When I was in Houston, we celebrated my parents 60th anniversary a couple of years early since 5 of my 6 siblings were in town at the same time! That doesn’t happen too often. We enjoyed watching a family DVD my sister compiled documenting the past 60 years beginning with my parents courtship and ending with the birth of the 8th grandchild! I’m the real softie in the group so I watched most of it through tears.

I came home wanting to begin to compile a similar history for my own family (though Tony and I have only 31 years of history!). Maybe I will take my next vacation of the mind at home sorting through the boxes of photos I’ve been talking about doing something with for a very long time. I returned refreshed and ready to handle what awaited me in “the real world”.

If you haven’t already, take the time to plan your own “vacation for the mind” – it feels great! Enjoy the rest of your summer.

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