November 2009 E-Newsletter

Two Lists We Can Learn From

Add grace, calm and thoughtfulness to your life. The 2 lists below were part of a larger article I recently read.  I’m sharing them because they struck a chord with me.

5 Rules To Live By

(From Rules for My Unborn Son by Walker Lamond)
1.    Give Credit.  Take the blame.
2.    Don’t boast about projects in progress.  Celebrate their completion.
3.    Don’t throw sand or, when you’re older, mud.
4.    Let napping dads lie.  (This is Tony’s favorite!)
5.    Don’t show off.  Impress.

8 Things Being Killed By The Internet

(From London Daily Telegraph by Matthew Moore)
1.    Polite disagreement
2.    Letter writing
3.    Memory
4.    Daydreaming
5.    Waiting a day for sports scores
6.    Footnotes
7.    Leaving your desk for lunch
8.    Concentration

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