May 2008 e-Newsletter

New Roles For The Rooms In Your Home

Yesterday, I previewed a home that really got me thinking about how we live and use space in our homes. The homeowner uses the room that would traditionally be a dining room as a sitting room/music room. Interior designers say rooms you can look at but don’t use are out…that people are embracing comfort and want to use all of their space. That is exactly what the owners of the home I previewed have done! They have a casual lifestyle and prefer entertaining in the casual dining room adjacent to the kitchen. If you don’t use your formal dining room then turn it into something that you will use. I’ve seen them turned into a library, an office, a music room, a sitting room.

Another room that is changing is the laundry room. Laundry rooms are being decorated and used for purposes other than washing clothes. People are decorating, and updating the laundry room to use as a planning center or organizational center with garment racks, storage shelves, and cabinets. We even have one client who moved the actual laundry room to the lower level in order to use the 1st floor space for a planning center.

Bathrooms are becoming a retreat in the home. His and hers bathrooms have dual sinks. Showers have fancy accessories, one or more pulsating water jets, rain bars to wash you all over at the same time, and shower heads as big as a dinner plate. We’ve seen people install flat screen TVs and coffee bars. One of our builders actually built a master suite with a bath with a sitting room off the bath that the owners used for an elliptical machine. The owners were more inclined to use it in that location.

The bottom line is that your home is just that, YOUR HOME. Use and enjoy all of it. Everything isn’t about resale, at least until you are ready to sell it, and then that’s where we come in! We can help you evaluate if changes should be made for wider buyer appeal.

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