April 2009 e-Newsletter

Adopt a Pet!

As many of you know, Maggie, our beloved 12 year old beagle, died last summer. I was pretty certain that one dog in a lifetime was enough. Tony, on the other hand, was ready for another. After 6 months, we decided that another dog was a good idea. A dog is unconcerned about your age or looks – they accept you as you are. So our next decision was how to select another dog. Several people suggested we “adopt” and after a little research, it definitely seemed like the thing to do.
According to a book “Every Monday Matters”, there are thousands of animal shelters in the country and millions of dogs and cats are placed there every year. Only 15% of these animals are actually adopted. You do the math…it’s pretty sad. Anyway, Tony and I visited several shelters in search of a dog we “connected” with…at the CHA animal shelter in Westerville, we found a 3 year old beagle named Daisy. Now, I’m not saying it was love at first sight but she was pretty cute, had similar coloring as Maggie did, and the hugest, floppiest beagle ears we’d ever seen.
We actually had to speak with a counselor and be “approved” for adoption. But after a short while, we were leaving with our new pet. There have been good days, great days and some not so good days but Daisy entertains us daily, loves us unconditionally and makes us get up off the couch and walk! Tony and I highly recommend starting with the Shelters!!! We’re glad we did.

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