April 2008 e-Newsletter

2008 Home Color Trends

Color trends for the home are always changing…that’s how decorators along with fabric and wallpaper companies stay in business! The Color Marketing Group, an international association of color design professionals, which reports on color trends every year recently released the trends they see being important in 2008. They recommend that you liven up your home using bold, vivid colors mixed with some earthy, natural tones. Paint, furnishings, and accessories are influenced by the natural environment. A few contrasting accents colors will punch up a room!

Bring nature home. Capturing the colors of the natural world is gaining traction this year with handmade, undyed, and unbleached materials. Off-white, sandy, and linen colors mixed with rock and soil colors and brownish greens are calling nature inside.

Blue hues. The environment also is inspiring sky and water blues to come inside, even in livening up the kitchen. Be on the lookout in 2009: A deep navy blue that appears almost black and is inspired by the techno world will pop up in more homes.

Ethnic accents. Color scheme influences from India, China, and Latin America will be evident this year. Expect Moroccan reds and glowing oranges to mix with rosy pinks, sunny golden yellows, and turquoise. For the ultimate color punch, pair them with rich browns and neutrals.

Subdue the shine. Shimmery metallic finishes are still in, but chrome and nickel are starting to be replaced by softer shades. More homes are being outfitted with copper and bronze tones and bringing more warmth to metallic finishes.
Source: Color Marketing Group

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