September 09 E-Newsletter

Eating While Driving

A friend recently emailed me a very graphic video simulation of a catastrophic car accident caused by teenagers texting while driving (you may have seen it on You Tube).  Though it was disturbing, I sent it on to my kids.  If there’s any chance that watching the video will cause them not to text, talk or even eat while driving, then it’s worth it to me to disturb them.  It certainly impacted my use of a phone in the car.   I suspect that before too long, all states will make it unlawful to text while driving and will require all phones to be hands free.   Hopefully, Ohio will lead the way!

Shortly after watching this video, I came across a list of the 10 most dangerous foods to eat while driving published by a Hagerty Classic Insurance out of Michigan.  I’m sure you’ve observed people eating most of the following:
1.     Chocolate.  The luscious treat sticks to your hands.  Your 1st instinct is to lick or wipe your fingers which probably means you aren’t steering.
2.     Soft Drinks.  They can be dangerous when spilled if your inclination is to find something with which to dry yourself.  
3.     Jelly or cream-filled doughnuts.  An oozing mess is disconcerting and demands immediate cleanup.
4.     Fried chicken.  Try to handle the wheel when your hands are greasy.
5.     Any barbequed food.  If it can drip, don’t eat it while you drive.
6.     Juicy hamburgers.  Moist is good unless it creates a dribbling trail.
7.     Chili dogs.  This is a two handed food.  It’s almost impossible to eat using one hand.
8.     Tacos (and I would add burritos).  You know how a taco crumbles when you’re eating one at home.  Imagine picking up shredded lettuce and cheese while you’re driving.
9.     Hot soup.  This dish really requires hand-to-mouth concentration.
10.     Coffee.  This is the #1 offender.  You can easily scald yourself or spill hot coffee in your lap.  

Reaction time is proven to slow when driving under the influence of alcohol but it seems to me that food and the phone can prove equally distracting.  

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