September 2008 e-Newsletter

Taking It to the Streets!

If you haven’t checked out your home online in a while, you might want to take a look at Google Maps newest innovation, Street View.  It’s easy to use!  There’s a whole new twist on the map option that both our sellers and buyers like! It allows a buyer to feel like you are standing right in front of a particular home, and looking up and down the street from where they might potentially live!

It allows you to see a 360 degree street-side view of any location (including New Albany) that has been enhanced in this way. Google used a horde of vehicles mounted with cameras that take panoramic photos to photograph streets across many of the largest cities in the United States.

I checked a number of addresses (including my own) and it appears as though most of the greater Columbus area has this feature available. Once you type in an address at the site, click on the street view option.  In our effort to continuely provide cutting-edge service, we've added Street View to our website as just one more tool that allows our sellers to showcase their home and for buyers to check out a particular home and neighborhood.

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