November 2008 e-Newsletter

Little Things Can Mean A Lot

I don’t know about your family, but the upheaval of the Wall Street and the financial markets has caused Tony and me to step back and take stock of what’s really important. It’s amazing how many of the things I thought I  “needed” are not as necessary as I once thought. I ran across an article that provided a list of little things that can make you feel good whether you do them for yourself or for another. Here’s a sampling from the list. You’ll probably have many of your own.

Handwritten notes – A sense of humor in a bad situation – Sincere compliments – Letting the person with just two items go ahead of you in line – Birthday cards – Finding unexpected cash in your jeans – Volunteering to help without being asked – Fresh flowers for no reason – Passing a book along that you love – Clipping a news story for a friend who would be interested – Calling your mom just to say “Hi” – Paying back borrowed money, fast – Mowing for the older couple next door – Surprise notes tucked into a lunchbox or suitcase – Bringing muffins to the office – Telling a great joke – Letting someone else have the parking space – Replacing the toilet paper roll when only a few squares are left – Hugging your kids and your spouse every day.                   Reprinted from Good Housekeeping by Holly Crawford

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