March 2008 e-Newsletter

Why We Have Daylight Savings Time Change

I read with interest the article by Karen McGuire of McGuire’s Clocks below on why we have daylight savings time but in my opinion, the biggest reason for having it wasn’t even mentioned…it makes you feel better and have more energy! I love leaving the office at 5 or 6 knowing that I still have a couple of hours of daylight left. And this is the second year in a row that it begins in March, not April. March 9th to be exact. So before long, you can count on seeing me out on the walking trails at the end of my workday!

“Although history will show us an assortment of reasons based on the issues of the day, the biggest consistent reason is that Daylight Savings Time saves energy. The “theory” is that we use less electricity because we are home fewer hours during the “longer” days of spring and summer. This assumes that most people will be outdoors during the extra daylight hours. Since the sun “sets” one hour later during Daylight Savings Time, it therefore reduces the period between sunset and bedtime by one hour. So in theory, this means that less electricity would be used for light and appliance usage late in the day.

Other justifications, based on studies by the U.S. Department of Transportation, determined that Daylight Savings Time saves lives and prevents traffic injuries. Their contention was that this allows more people to travel home from work and school in daylight hours, which they feel is safer than traveling in darkness. Also, people can complete more errands during daylight hours; thereby reducing exposure to various crimes, which are more common in the darkness, i.e. helps reduce crime.”

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