March 2010 e-Newsletter

16 Ways to Stay Motivated

Somehow by March many of my New Year’s Resolutions begin to fall by the wayside … I ran across this list of ways to stay motivated this morning on the Simple Truths website ( and it really struck a chord.  I’m reprinting some of the affirmations that really spoke to me.  I think I will print a couple of copies and place in conspicuous places for when I need a dose of motivation.   If you are wavering on one of your resolutions, maybe this will help get you back on track.
The only thing that stands between a person and what they want from life is often the will to try it and the faith to believe it’s possible.  Rich DeVos

Your attitude will determine your altitude in life.
  Zig Ziglar

We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.  

Those who bring sunshine into the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves.
  James Barrie

Life begins when you do.

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eye off your goal.

The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.

Excellence is … Caring more than others think is wise; Risking more than others think is safe; Dreaming more than others think is practical; Expecting more than others think is possible.

Patience and perseverance conquers all things.
  Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are no traffic jams on the extra mile.

Change … still waters never reach the sea.

Choices … not chance determines our destiny.

Go over, under, around and through; but never give up.

Courage is the decision to place your dreams above your fears.

It’s easier to go down the mountain than up, but the view from the top is best.

We cannot get what we’ve never had, unless we’re willing to do what we’ve never done.

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