April 2008 e-Newsletter

Your Home is in a Beauty Contest When It's For Sale!

When it’s time to sell your home, proper pricing is critical. The days of “we can lower our price later if it doesn’t sell” are not a good option nor is it an effective strategy for selling your home quickly. In order to attract an offer, a home not only needs to be perceived as one of the best values on the market, but also one of the “prettiest” (hence the beauty contest analogy). The idea is to take a home from “so-so” to “wow”! The best way to insure this is to work closely with your Realtor and/or a professional stager to prepare your home for sale.

Many people think that a stager is similar to an interior decorator. In general, the stager’s focus is to enhance the marketability of your home. Most buyers actually go through a home looking for reasons not to buy a home. I recently read a comment by a fellow realtor who said, “any visible imperfection becomes ‘horriblized’ in a buyer’s eye.” I thought the term was interesting and perceptive. A good stager works to make sure that a potential buyer’s eye is drawn to the most attractive parts of a home.

Remember that this real estate market is a “beauty” contest and to get an offer, you need to win the contest. Effective staging will not only showcase your home to its best advantage but will help your home sell for top dollar and reduce the marketing time.

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