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Twenty One At Last!

Twenty One At Last!

Early August was Back-to-School at our house this year. Will spent his summer working on the Pelontia event and wrapped up his work on August 7th. He was looking forward to a 2 week vacation before school began – what I didn’t know was that he planned to spend it at his apartment in Charleston! On August 8th, one day after finishing work, he headed south. By Sunday, he was on a floating down the EdistoRiver and every day thereafter found him at the beach. I guess given the choice of 2 weeks free in Columbus or 2 weeks free in Charleston, SC, I would choose the same.

This month is a big month in our house and a bigger one in Will’s! He turns 21 on September 17th and is going to celebrate this rite of passage in Las Vegas! Will has a very long memory. He remembers clearly the shopping and theatre trip to New York City that I took Katherine on when she turned 21. He wanted something similar but my offer to take him to NYC to see plays and to shop was rebuffed – imagine that. He and Tony baked up a “boys trip” to see the lights (I hope that’s all he sees) of the Las Vegas strip! I’m sure it will be memorable – I just hope it’s memorable for the right reasons. They say that “What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” – that’s their story and their sticking to it!

Hopefully, those of you with kids at home have adjusted to the routine of another school year. The years seem to go faster and faster – it’s inconceivable to me that our #2 has only 2 years left of college and then we are through with Back to School. Have a great month – and wish “the boys” good luck in Vegas!

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