September 2008 e-Newsletter

Here We Go Again

I thought we were all done with worrying about hurricanes after our daughter Katherine got caught up in Katrina while a college student at Tulane. Well, here we go again. There’s not one but three tropical storms headed for the southern Atlantic coast as I write this. This time it’s Will we have to worry about. He’s at the College of Charleston and if Hanna doesn’t hit it, then Ike or Josephine may. The one thing we learned is once the school says “leave” he needs to get out of town. Katherine was stuck in a 15 hour traffic snarl trying to leave New Orleans and Charleston could be worse because there’s really only one way in and out of the city. Hopefully, by the time this is published, it will be a non issue.

So much for the laid-back, breezy mind set I favor during the summer time. It’s really just as well. The real estate market typically “heats up” for a couple of months beginning in mid September. Though this year has been anything but typical when it comes to real estate, Tony and I are encouraged by the interest rates, the supply of homes for sale and the fact that sales prices seem to be leveling out. Please call us if you have any questions about the market as it relates to your home, or if you’re thinking you might want to buy or sell a home this Fall. As always, we welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to assist you. Call (614-939-1234) or email us anytime!

Kate & Tony

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