June 2008 e-Newsletter

Best Wishes to all Grads and Dads from Kate & Tony!

What a difference a year makes! This time last year we were celebrating Katherine’s graduation from college and Will’s from high school. This year I had to ask someone when the last day of school was! Will came home from his first year of college and said that for the first time in his life, he was looking forward to having a “real job” this summer. I guess that means the “job” he had working for Tony and me last year wasn’t “real”. But in fairness, what it really means is that he’s growing up and is excited about the process. Tony and I are both pretty proud of him. He gets himself up and off to work every day. The only complaint we’ve heard is how much the gas is costing him to get to and from. But then who isn’t complaining about the price of gas these days???
Will is joining me in Houston where we will spend Father’s Day with my Dad and family. We’re leaving Tony home to fend for himself. He’ll be able to take as long a nap as he wants on Father’s Day but we will definitely owe him a makeup day! If you aren’t celebrating a graduation or a Father this June, then do the next best thing - celebrate the sunshine and daylight that June brings! Have a great month.
Kate & Tony

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