January 2009 e-Newsletter

Happy New Year from Kate & Tony!

2008 was such a turbulent year – I am so ready for 2009!   Our response to the swift changes taking place in the economy has been to try and live a little wiser.   Over the holidays, Tony and I did a lot of “hiving” – we made our home the focus of our social activities.   We didn’t travel but had some really great family time with both Katherine and Will.   Katherine was home from LA for a short week and Will for a very, very long 3 weeks J .   He was more than ready to go back to college last week!   3 weeks with the “rents” as Will says was plenty.   He’s now looking for a summer internship anywhere not in Columbus!
Last year, most of us confronted big changes at every turn.  The real estate world was no exception.   It was a challenging year but it presented some great opportunities to reinvent our business – we are more streamlined, efficient and stronger – positioned to continue to prosper.   We remain committed to assisting people achieve their financial goals through real estate.   And there is a silver lining – there are some amazing bargains, true hidden gems out there right now.   Fixed mortgage rates are as low as they’ve been in 40 years.
Here’s to an amazing 2009!   We look forward to assisting you with all of your real estate needs this year and for many years to come!   Happy New Year everybody!
Kate & Tony

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