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What makes New Albany, Ohio a home for its residents is not just the four walls and roof of their houses. It's all the local culture that is centered around New Albany's residents and organizations. Discover the community members who make New Albany such a wonderful place to live in our "Around New Albany" video series.

New Albany Community Spotlight

New Albany's Plain Township Aquatic Center

Plain Township Administrator Ben Collins shares some helpful and interesting details about New Albany's Plain Township Aquatic Center

New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding

Learn a little more about New Albany Mayor Sloan Spalding's path to the office as well as his vision for New Albany's "bright" future

Fire Chief John Hoovler

Get to know Fire Chief John Hoovler who has been serving the New Albany community for 22 years. Meet a man who enjoys his career and has a passion for his community.

Cooking With Friends

Learn about Cooking With Friends, a social cooking club for New Albany residents, on the video below. Be sure to check out the organization's cookbook called A Signature Collection, published in 2007.

More About New Albany

New Albany Works For Me

Learn more about why New Albany works for so many people and families.

New Albany, Ohio is the America's Best Suburb

Watch now why America is calling New Albany, Ohio the Best Suburb to live in.

New Albany Is America's Best Suburb - Volume II

Tune in as more residents share different aspects of New Albany that make it the best suburb in America.

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