2011 Summer eNewsletter

A Summer of Change

Every Realtor should have to experience selling their own home in order to fully understand and remember the challenges a seller faces when selling their home.  Tony and I are in the midst of selling ours after 15 years in the same place!  The listing process was painful – staging, cleaning, and frequently being the bridesmaid instead of the bride.  Now, it’s in contract and scheduled to close at the end of the month. 

The newest phase is denial that we have to pack, sadness that we will be leaving our home of 15 years, and shock at how much “stuff” we’ve accumulated during that time.  Where did it all come from?  What was I thinking when I bought in the first place?  Who can we give it to, sell it to and, as a last resort, will Rumpke take it away?  

Believe it or not, we’re not sure where our next home in New Albany will be… do we want another traditional family home, a patio home, or a townhome?  We’ve not been very decisive because we’re not totally sure.  We think we’re ready for a townhome but our kids say they are too small and not room for them…they don’t get it.  That is actually part of the plan :).  Stay tuned.  By the time you receive the Fall eNewsletter, this should have all sorted itself out and we’ll have an address you can “ink” in.  In the meantime, we are always available at New Albany Realty so please call or email us there!

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